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Question What is Student Counseling Center?
Answer The Student Counseling Center help students work through their adjustment problems and promote their mental health and psychological well-being. It offers some service including individual counseling, group counseling, psychological test, class counseling, mental health speech, referral ,and consulation.
Question Who can use?
Answer Only for Nanhua University students.
Question Where is the Student counseling center?
Answer Cheng Jun Guan Administrative Building, 2nd Floor, Room C215.
Question What is a Resource Room
Answer Special education students to school dedicated units such as life coaching, academic learning, vocational guidance and counseling title transfer and other services.
Question Who can use
Answer Nanhua University has student status and student ID's and licensed special education student identification certificate Ministry of Education.
Question Where is the Resource Room? 
Answer Wen Hui Building, 1st Floor.
Question Will this have a computer and printer can use
Answer No, this is to provide the educational needs of students to use a computer and printer, but here the book will be available to borrow.
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