Individual Counseling
Our services of individual counseling are provided to all NHU students. And our individual counseling is on an appointment basis.

At your first coming, we will have an interview to understand your present status and arrange a proper counseling psychologist or social worker according to your need, problems and/or schedule.

Groups and Workshops
Variety of groups and workshops are provided each year at the Student Counseling Center. Related information is posted on our website.

Physical and Psychological Adjustment Scale (PPAS) & Psychological Tests
Each year, the Student Counseling Center administers the PPAS for all freshman students during the orientation.

The statistics of the PPSA gives the Center a better understanding of the Students’ well-being.

There are various psychological tests, you need to go through the intake process so your counselor would assess what tests would be appropriate for your needs.
Speech and Forum
Famous scholars and teachers are invited to give speeches in diverse and topics, such as relationship, career, self-understanding, or feeling management.

You may find some of the speeches/forums provide great opportunity to explore yourselves.

For more information regarding the speeches and forums, please visit our website.

General Information of the NHU Student Counseling Center

Office Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8 am- 5 pm
Tel: +886-5-272-1001 ext 1240~1246

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